2013.02.06 Michael G Santos Wheeler Berkeley

Speaking at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall

While awaiting transfer from the county jail in Pierce County Washington to federal prison, I made a commitment to work toward reconciling with society. This website documents my journey through 9,500 days of imprisonment.  While incarcerated, I earned university degrees, published numerous books about the prison experience, earned financial resources, paid taxes, married the love of my life, and prepared for success. Those experiences qualify me to show others how to strategize in ways to overcome challenges in their own life.

I was released on August 12, 2013, after longer than 26 years of imprisonment. I returned to society strong, with numerous income opportunities, including an offer to lecture at San Francisco State University. This website documents my journey through longer than a quarter century in prison. It also highlights credentials I have to help others understand prisons, the people they hold, and strategies for adjusting to complications with the criminal justice system. I show others how to adjust with dignity, allowing them to return to society with values, skills, and resources that translate into success.

The various drop-down menus offer extensive amounts of free content, and my books are available at a reasonable amount for those who want more detailed information. I am totally transparent and I encourage those who would like to follow the path I am on to review my Daily Logs. They document the life I’ve been leading since my prison term ended. For the newest articles that I publish, please visit the What’s New tab. For summaries of the courses that I teach at San Francisco State University and student comments, please visit the San Francisco State University tab. For a sample video of my lecture style, please see my speech at University California, Berkeley.

I am building a career to show others how to confront adversity and become more than current circumstances or bad decisions of the past. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you or your organization. Or book me for consulting services through the store on this website and I will contact you within 24 hours.





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