Testing the Podcast Platform


I recorded a 30-minute podcast as a test. Soon I’ll launch a podcast network, where I’ll post daily episodes. Let me know your thoughts on this test.


Release from Prison Journal: Day 552-558

Sunday, February 15 through Saturday, February 21, 2015


Sunday (Alternative Investment Seminars): I’m really excited to launch a new business. It’s called Alternative Investment Seminars. This venture will present investment opportunities for people who want one of two outcomes: 1) they want to own real estate in appreciating markets with little money down and easy financing terms; 2) they want to generate more than 9% income, payable in monthly installments, on cash they can invest over three-year time horizons. We’re holding our first live event on March 10th. I’ll present my story and how I walked into this opportunity. If that test event goes well, we’ll take this venture on the road, traveling across the United States to present opportunities in live event forums.

Monday (Alternative Investment Seminars): I’ve written out the script that is going to guide me through my first presentation. I envision a 60-minute event. First I’ll talk about my journey. That intro will not last longer than ten minutes. Not easy to condense a 26-year odyssey through prison into ten minutes, but I’ve cracked the code and I can do it. Then I’ll present three reasons why alternative investments make so much sense: 1) high volatility in the stock market; 2) low yields in the bond market; 3) 80 million retirees over the next 20 years. That combination makes for a compelling case. I look forward to advancing the prospect and speaking in front of thousands, tens of thousands, and millions.

Tuesday (Alternative Investment Seminars): Now that I’ve written laid out the oral presentation, the next step was to build a slide deck of stunning visuals. I want to show the extraordinary opportunity of owning land in paradise. To help people see the beauty of real estate, I’ve put together a series of extraordinary photos. I’ve also built charts that will help me show prospective investors why this opportunity makes so much. All of this energy that I’m investing to build these presentations will contribute to my overall message of personal growth and development. Anyone can become something more than past decisions if the individual invests the energy to change and grow.

Wednesday (Alternative Investment Seminars): Some may consider my background as a real challenge when it comes to discussing investment opportunities. After all, I’m not a licensed investment advisor. In the role I’m creating, I will educate audiences on an opportunity and why I’m seizing upon it. From that perspective, my background has relevance. The reason that I emerged from prison differently from the way that anyone would expect is the same reason that others may want to listen to my views. My odyssey through 26 years in prison and back to society required that I follow a principled plan: Visualize / Plan / Execute. I envisioned how I wanted to return; I put a plan in motion to carry me through 26 years; I executed that plan daily. I’m offering that same suggestion to audiences that listen to me. How will the world change in the next 20 years? What plan do you have to seize upon opportunities? How are you executing that plan?

Thursday (Podcasting): While researching ways to build my practice of providing guidance to individuals who have been targeted for criminal prosecution, I discovered a lawyer in Orange County who has been building her practice as a podcaster. I listened to one of her podcasts and became intrigued. She led me to the work of an individual who teaches podcasting. I’ll be writing more about this discovery in the weeks to come. For now, suffice it to say that I invested $1,000 to enroll in the course. My commitment is to develop my knowledge of how to expand my business through creating more content that I can broadcast through podcasts. It’s my hope that the readers who follow me will sign up.

Friday (Travel): Carole and I left our home at 4:00 this morning for a drive to LAX. We flew to Kona, Hawaii to attend my friend Greg Reyes’ wedding. I’ve never been to Hawaii before, so Carole encouraged me to make it a vacation. I’m glad she did. We’re staying at the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel, which is really extraordinary. The grounds are magnificent. It’s truly an island paradise like I’ve never seen before. Our flight landed in the early afternoon. We ate lunch with Norma, who is also attending the weeding. Then I went for a swim in the ocean and in two separate pools. We returned to our room early because Carole had to complete some schoolwork. I used the time to catch up on some social media postings. I’m very glad that Carole made the suggestion of splurging on the Four Seasons resort. What an extraordinary place.

Saturday (Podcasting): Carole and I woke early this morning to enjoy our room. We found a coffee machine and proceeded to work on our respective assignments. At 6:30 we walked through the grounds and I found a beautiful pool where I could swim laps for exercise. It’s a good thing I found the pool because I forgot to pack my running shoes. Carole and I discussed our plans for building a podcasting platform. I’m really excited to invest the time, energy, and resources to develop this new platform. The podcast, I think, will grow my audience and market. I’ll publish sessions on numerous subjects that will include: health, fitness, overcoming struggle, alternative investments, marriage, and other subjects that will allow us to influence the lives of others.

Miles for week: 14.97

Miles for month: 46.68

Miles for year: 166.55

Weight: 165.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log

Release from Prison Journal: Day 545-551

Sunday, February 8 through Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sunday (Marriage): At the start of this year I promised that I’d spend more time with Carole. Since I’m still working very long hours each day, the only time I can make to fulfill this obligation is in the early morning. We wake before 4:00 am. I iron her nursing uniform while she makes us breakfast and completes school assignments. Then I drive her to the hospital where she works. The extra time together is nice, but it comes at a cost of sacrificing my morning exercise routine. Each day I’m falling further behind in my running schedule. I’ll have to make up with longer runs later, because I’ll be traveling to the Bay area later this week and I’ve got a lot of work to complete in anticipation of that time away.

Monday (Family): Last night I had dinner with my mother and grandmother. They were happy to hear about Carole and I have made plans to remain in Orange County after Carole graduates in the spring. When Carole earns her degree, we’re planning to purchase a home where we can advance our retirement plans. Preparing for our retirement remains a priority for us both. We’ve gone back and forth on our approach. Considerations have included purchasing another rental property in the Bay area, purchasing a duplex that will allow us to earn an income from one unit while we live in the other. Our latest plan is to purchase a beautiful home. We could generate an income from the property by using it as a retreat for postoperative care patients who had plastic surgery. Plans may change again in the months to come. Whatever we choose, my mom and grandma were happy to learn that at least we’ve settled on remaining near them in Southern California. We ate a Cuban meal that my mom prepared for me while we discussed our different options.

Tuesday (Prison and Sentencing Reform): Today’s work was all about last-minute preparations before my trip to the Bay area. I made some additional edits to an article that I wrote for the UC Hastings Law Review and also worked through the presentation that I’ll be giving. All of this work helps my mission of spreading awareness about the need to reform our nation’s criminal justice system. At the last minute I wrote an article for a public policy group that asked me to contribute thoughts on steps we could take to reduce the number of parolees who return to prison.

Wednesday (Prison and Sentencing Reform): I gave a presentation at Google today. That was really an awesome experience. My host was Maximus Yaney, an incredibly bright engineer who designed a drone through his company, Titan Aerospace. Google acquired his company last year and he joined Google to engineer new projects that would lead to the advancement of civilization. I presented for 90 minutes. My audience included a small, influential group of Google engineers. We met in a conference room for one of the research laboratories. Following the presentation, I joined Maximus and four others for lunch in one of the cafeterias. Maximus then took me on a tour of the campus. The energy at Google is truly impressive. I snapped many photographs that I’ve already shared on the social media. Facebook posts generated more than 5,000 views. Speaking with this type of audience brings this social problem to people who can help influence meaningful reform and change.

Thursday (Networking): I left Silicon Valley early and drove to San Francisco. After dropping off my luggage at the hotel in Union Square, I returned the rental car and then walked to the lobby of the Hilton Hotel. Carole and I used to spend a lot of time at the hotel when I was confined to the halfway house in the Tenderloin, during my final year of imprisonment. She would wait for me in the lobby. Whenever the halfway house would issue me a pass to leave, I’d join her for coffee. Those were good times, but these are much better times. The hotel allowed me to check in around 11:00. I then showered and changed. I walked to the Federal Courthouse for a meeting with Jodi Linker, an exceptional lawyer who devotes her career to helping people get the best possible outcome from criminal justice proceedings. Jodi, like many lawyers, have been a big help to me. After meeting with her I walked to the law school for a meeting with Professor Rory Little. Rory is going to write the introduction for an article the law review at UC Hastings will publish.

Friday (Public speaking): The symposium at UC Hastings was really an extraordinary opportunity. I left my room early so that I could begin working from the hotel lobby. I posted a few photos and videos on the social media, then made my way through San Francisco’s Tenderloin district and to the law school. I walked right in front of the halfway house on the corner of Taylor and Turk, where I spent my final year as a federal prisoner. The all-day symposium brought several influential people from the legal community together. Before it began I had a long conversation with Steve Cook, an Assistant United States Attorney who leads the criminal division in the judicial district of Tennessee. I met several other federal prosecutors, federal judges, law professors, and defense attorneys. I even met some people who traveled to the symposium for the specific purpose of listening to my presentation. Their support for the work I do encouraged me. My presentation closed the symposium. A wonderful dinner for the participants followed in one of the law school’s dining rooms.

Saturday (Travel): Early this morning I boarded a flight from San Francisco back to Orange County. I really like living in Southern California. The trip was really magnificent, but it’s good to be back at my office. I spent the entire day doing follow-up work. That means writing letters to the many people I met at the conference. I’m hopeful that I’ll build lasting relationships with some of the influential people I met.

Miles for week: 10.02

Miles for month: 31.71

Miles for year: 151.58

Weight: 165.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log

Release from Prison Journal: Day 538-544

Sunday, February 1 through Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday: For the second year in a row, the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. It was a big day for the fans in Seattle. Carole and I grew up in Seattle, but we’re not connected to the sports scene. During the decades that I served in prison, I chose to focus all of my energy on preparations for the life that I would lead upon release. That didn’t leave time for following professional sports. Once Carole came into my life, we visited every opportunity that we could. Since visiting hours frequently coincided with NFL games, we didn’t get caught up in enthusiasm for sports. Our life has always been about preparing for the life we would build together once I returned to society. Now that I’m home, we’re still planning in ways that leave little time for television. So we missed the Super Bowl. Carole spent the day working at the hospital, and I spent the day working with a client in my office. After we concluded our work, I saw the disappointing score for the Seattle fans online. Despite losing the game, the Seahawk fans must feel some joy in having their team make it to Super Bowl in consecutive years.

Monday: Today I began coordinating the spreadsheets for our 2014 tax filing. Fortunately, our accountant recommended a bookkeeper. She is going to build all of the spreadsheets that record our personal and our business transactions for the year. I’ eager to file soon because Carole and I will purchase another house this year. We’re intending to buy in Orange County sometime this summer, after Carole graduates.

I spent the rest of the day working on a “live event” strategy. My employer is a real estate developer in the country of Belize. He’s built an amazingly successful company that offers clients extraordinary opportunities to purchase real estate in paradise. The company advertises on national television, but I’ve suggested that we launch a live-event channel. Last December, I hosted two live events that brought magnificent results, selling approximately $3 million worth of lots over the course of two seminars. Now I’m working to scale this effort so we can sell real estate through live events as well as through our traditional sales channel. We’re scheduling an initial “test” event for March.

Tuesday (Article to UC Hastings): Today I submitted a 5,600-word article for the UC Hasting’s Law Review. Editors at the law review invited me to contribute the article that will coincide with a presentation I am scheduled to make next week at the UC Hasting’s Symposium on Federal Sentencing Reform. I’m looking forward to seeing the article published and also to making my presentation at the law symposium. Other speakers include the US Attorney for the Northern District of California and U.S. District Court Judge Charles Bryer; Judge Bryer also leads the U.S. Sentencing Commission. I anticipate that more than 300 people will be present in the audience, all from the legal community. I’ll report next week after the conference.

Wednesday (new book with Justin): I began writing a new book. I’ll collaborate on the book with Justin Paperny, my partner in several ventures. We’ll call the book Federal Prison Advice. Rather than selling the book, we’ll give it away for free. Visitor on PrisonProfessor.com, FederalPrisonAdvice.com, MichaelSantos.com, and other websites we operate will have an opportunity to download the book without charge. The book will help readers understand how we can help defendants whoa re facing charges from the criminal justice system. I anticipate that we’ll complete this project during the first quarter of 2015.

Thursday (Policy article for Pioneer institute in Boston on better government). I received an invitation to contribute an article to the Pioneer Institute in Boston. They asked me to write on “better government.” Obviously, they want me to write about America’s prison system. Our country seems to be awakening to the injustices associated with our nation’s commitment to mass incarceration. I’ll look forward to writing the article and to seeing its publication later this spring.

Friday (Google ad words campaign) My partner in PrisonProfessor launched a test on the Google AdWords campaign. We spent nearly $1,000 on the campaign. The investment did not yield the results we were looking to find. That’s part of this online business model. We must devote considerable amounts of time and financial resources to build our brand. In time we expect to dominate the space for our market. Specifically, we want to provide products and services for defense attorneys and for defendants. My main area of contribution for defendants will be in creating sentence-mitigation strategies. I will outsource prison consulting services to Justin.

Saturday (Speaking at Berkeley). I received another invitation to speak at UC Berkeley. Unfortunately, I’m already booked for that day. On Wednesday of next week I’ll fly to San Jose. Then I’ll rent a car and drive to the Google campus in Mountain View. I’ve never been to the Google campus before, but I really enthusiastic about this opportunity to meet with of the senior leaders there. I’ll speak with them about the great injustices of our nation’s commitment to mass incarceration. Obviously, I’ll talk about my own journey and the three-pronged effort that Justin and I have embarked upon to improve outcomes of our nation’s prison systems. Bonus points to anyone who can articulate our three-pronged strategy.

Miles for week: 10.06

Miles for month: 119.87

Miles for year: 119.87

Weight: 165.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release from Prison Journal: Day 531-537

Sunday, January 25 through Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunday brought further opportunities to connect with lawyers in Atlanta. I met with many public defenders who were present during my presentation on Saturday. My hopes were to persuade them to work with me. The service I provide would prepare their clients for a more successful journey through prison. I received a favorable reception. Yet the public-defender lawyers with whom I spoke did not represent the types of clients that could afford my services. Their clients were indigent. I’ll need to work harder to create my niche. Following my meeting with the lawyers, I returned to my hotel room to work on a sentence-mitigation package for one of client that I’m currently working to help.

On Monday I met with Serena Nunn, an impressive young woman. President Clinton commuted Serena’s sentence after she served about 10 years in prison. She completed her undergraduate degree and then enrolled in law school at the University of Michigan. She now works as a public defender in Atlanta. I enjoyed talking with Serena very much. Following my meeting with Serena, I had lunch with Professor Colin Harris. Colin was one of my professors at Mercer University during my undergraduate years. We shared a nice lunch at the hotel, and then he drove me through tour of Atlanta. I was pleased to the United States Penitentiary from this side of the walls. More than a quarter century passed since I walked into that penitentiary for the first time, in chains. Much better to see it from an outside view. Colin then drove me to the airport, where I waited on standby for a flight back to Orange County.

I was glad to wake up with Carole this morning. Almost two full weeks passed since I left our home and I really appreciated being home with my wife. Instead of running, I went to the office and resumed my work on the sentence-mitigation package that I’ve been writing. I had a lot of busy work to complete after being gone for so long.

Wednesday brought some morning work on the PrisonProfessor.com website. I redesigned the way the products look in the store. We’re getting ready to begin advertising the site and I want to be able to track whether the money we’re investing to advertise translates into more conversions. In the evening, I had a meeting with my friend Rich Folk and Joanna Fankhauser. We met to discuss the prospect of launching an ongoing live-event initiative.

Thursday I worked more on the website. In the late afternoon, I drove with Carole on a house-hunting excursion. We visited a community known as Coto de Casa, which has some beautiful homes. But it’s too far away from the office where I work, and even farther from the hospital where Carole works. We’re going to have to pass on that community. We continue deliberating over strategies we can launch for our 2015 real estate purchase.

Friday I did some more work editing the sentence-mitigation project, and I also met with a new prospective client. This is exciting work. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity of building a career around my journey. There is much more work ahead of me, but it’s awesome to be starting.

On Saturday I worked to write new content for that I’m hoping will lead to more business for PrisonProfessor. In order to reach my goals, I need to make sure that more people find me. There will be a combination of content-generation, advertising, and social media work. It’s just a lot of man hours that are necessary for brand building. In one year I anticipate having a more steady stream of business, but new lines of income opening as well. Now that January is behind me, I’m also going to resume my regular running schedule–to the extent possible. This heavy travel schedule has been interrupting me. And now that I think of it, I’ve got two trips planned for February. I’m going to San Francisco and then to Hawaii.


Miles for week: 10.06

Miles for month: 119.87

Miles for year: 119.87

Weight: 165.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release from Prison Journal: Day 524-530

Sunday, January 18 through Saturday, January 24, 2015

On Sunday I ran in the rain and then worked for a client writing a lengthy document. The rest of Seattle cheered for the Seahawks as they went on to defeat the Green Bay Packers in a championship game that will advance the Seahawks to the Superbowl for the second year in a row.

On Monday I visited with Gil Levy, a defense attorney who also represented me decades ago. Carole flew into Seattle and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner together at McCormick and Schmick’s. Unfortunately, I’m still on this gluten-free diet that Carole recommended, which meant I wasn’t able to enjoy the types of food I would like. But I did have a great steak and I enjoyed the time alone with my lovely wife. She is the highlight of my life.

Tuesday was a busy day. Carole and I began the day by driving to Starbucks at 4:30 a.m. I had to set up my computer for an early morning call with clients in Virginia. We’re working together to see if I can coordinate a trip to the East Coast. While at Starbucks, Kristian, a cousin of mine surprised us. He lives in the area and he stopped by to purchase a cup of coffee. I hadn’t seen Kristian in longer than 40 years, so I was surprised that he recognized me. We shared a nice conversation and I invited him to attend a presentation that I was scheduled to make on Thursday.

We returned to my sister’s house mid-morning. I showered and prepared for a busy day. I met with an attorney at the prestigious Lane Powell law firm. Then I made a presentation for attorneys at Seattle’s federal defender program. I dined with Mike Filopovic at Seattle’s Fresh Start restaurant, which was awesome. Then, I visited with another attorney with whom I had an earlier connection; he represented one of the co-defendants who stood trial with me.

I continued working on behalf of my client Tuesday evening and all day on Wednesday. I’m writing an extensive sentence-mitigation document that will help the court see my client for much more than the government’s allegations.

On Thursday I made two presentations on the subject of mass incarceration. First I spoke to a group of law students at Seattle University Law School. Then I spoke to a group of law students at the University of Washington Law School. At the UW presentation, my cousin Kristain and his girlfriend attended, as did my friend Rich Folk.

On Friday I made a presentation to the Latin Bar Association of Washington State. The event was really extraordinary, in a ballroom of Seattle’s historic Arctic Hotel. Approximately 300 lawyers were in attendance at the formal affair. The audience honored me with a standing ovation after I spoke about the injustices of mass incarceration. Immediately following the presentation, Rich drove me to SeaTac airport where I boarded a redeye flight to Atlanta.

I arrived in Atlanta early on Saturday morning, freshened myself up quickly and then attended the seminar legal convention for Gideon’s Promise. Approximately 300 attorneys were in attendance. I delivered the keynote speech during the lunch meal. The audience rewarded me with my second standing ovation in two days. I spent the remainder of the day networking with attorneys.


Miles for week: 26.51

Miles for month: 109.81

Miles for year: 109.81

Weight: 167.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release from Prison Journal: Day 517-523

Sunday, January 11 through Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wow. What a busy first few weeks of the year that I’ve had. I’m already falling behind in my goals that I pledged. I expect that I’ll catch up with my running later this month. Right now PrisonProfessor.com remains a focus of mine, And developing the site takes considerable amounts of my time.

I’m writing this journal entry late. Fortunately, I keep a calendar of events that remind me of what I’ve been doing. On Sunday I interviewed a new client. The defendant reveals a story that is very sad. Some business decisions he made back in the early 2000s have come back to haunt him. The sentence-mitigation work we’ll do together will lead to the best possible outcome for him.

I worked all day Monday preparing for the busy schedule I had for the remainder of the week. On Tuesday I met with a friend of mine who is a social media expert to discuss branding strategies for PrisonProfessor. Then I traveled to Los Angeles to meet with a philanthropic organization. We’re discussing funding initiatives that would support our foundation.

On Wednesday I flew to Seattle, then drove from SeaTac airport to a state prison in Aberdeen. On Thursday I participated in a graduation ceremony for the Straight-A Guide in the prison. Then I fought traffic all the way back to North Seattle, where I met my sister. It was my 51st birthday and we enjoyed a nice family meal.

On Friday I enjoyed a long run around Greenlake, then met with Jonathan Solovy, a defense attorney who invested hundreds of hours to advance my liberty when I was incarcerated. We didn’t succeed in my getting out of prison sooner, but we developed a great friendship. I appreciated an opportunity to discuss my new business venture with Jonathan. On Saturday we ran together.

After my Saturday morning run, I had lunch with Todd Sanders. Todd retired from federal probation recently. He was just beginning with federal probation back in 1987 and he was the officer who wrote my presentence investigation report. I enjoyed meeting with Todd. He has faced many challenges in life that made me appreciate how adversity afflicts us all in different ways.

Miles for week: 38.96

Miles for month: 83.3

Miles for year: 83.3

Weight: 167.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release from Prison Journal: Day 510-516

Sunday, January 4 through Saturday, January 10, 2015

My progress in the first full week of the year has been great. PrisonProfessor.com is nearly complete. We’ve made considerable progress with the redesign and I’ve added some new videos. I don’t know how long we will wait before we begin a coordinated marketing effort. I’m guessing we’ll wait until the early Spring. Before I invest money in marketing to drive traffic to the site, I need to ensure that the site is as good as it can be. I still need to build two landing pages, one specifically for defense attorneys and another landing page specifically for defendants. That effort will help me track conversions. I want to see what type of response I receive from several attorneys I’ll meet next week when I travel to Seattle and then Atlanta.

The writing responsibilities associated with building PrisonProfessor.com have caused me to fall behind on my running schedule. As of today, I’ve only run 44.34 miles on the year. According to my schedule, I’m supposed to be at 54.8 miles. I’m behind by 10.46 miles. That’s not good. I intended to run longer distances both yesterday and today. Carole interrupted my run yesterday morning with news that she had car trouble. Her car wasn’t starting. I had to abbreviate my run so that I could return home to help. Today I had to drive her to work, which meant I could only run five miles this morning. Her car is in the shop until at least Monday evening. That means I won’t be able to run a long distance tomorrow, either. So it looks as if I’ll continue falling behind in my running responsibilities for a few more days. More catching up to do.

Cary, a law student who will graduate from Stanford this coming spring came to visit me today. He is working on a project that describes people who make transformational changes in life. I spent an entire day responding to questions he had about my journey, from childhood to emergence from prison. It was the first of several interviews for the writing project he is striving to put together. Prior to attending Stanford Law, Cary had earned degrees from Harvard and Columbia, so he is a very impressive guy. He also is the producer of the award-winning indie film, Without Shepherds. I’m really glad to call him a friend.

Miles for week: 33.27

Miles for month: 44.34

Miles for year: 44.34

Weight: 167.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release from Prison Journal: Day 507-509

Thursday January 1 through Saturday January 3, 2015


These first three days of the New Year were really wonderful. I worked from home, continuing to write new content for PrisonProfessor.com. I anticipate that this site will take another few weeks to complete. Since it’s a sales-oriented site, I have to think through every element of the presentation. It’s my hope that I’ll generate some traffic organically for PrisonProfessor.com, but the majority will come through advertising, I suspect. Because I’ll make regular investments to drive traffic, I devote dozens hours each week to the site’s development. I’m done with most of the writing. The work now is mostly graphical. But I intend to write new content regularly for the blog. Those articles, I hope, will yield more visitors from my intended audience: defendants and defense attorneys.

The big news of the first of the year is that Carole has persuaded me to change my diet. She has always been a disciplined eater. Now that she has so much knowledge about health, she is much more persuasive with her arguments about what I should eat. She has found scientific evidence that shows a link between gluten and dementia. Obviously, dementia doesn’t occur overnight. The science she has found suggests that decades of eating high-carb diets and gluten contribute to dementia. From the limited amount I understand from her, the gluten has a bad influence on the brain over time. Since I know that I won’t be running as many miles this year, I agreed to join her for at least one month. That means I had to stop eating pasta. Since pasta meals have always been my favorite, I feel like I’m making a huge sacrifice. I do it for her. I don’t know whether I’ll continue beyond January, but I’m committed to January.

Miles for week: 32.57

Miles for month: 11.07

Miles for year: 11.07

Weight: 167.5

Link to 2015 running log: Running Log


Release From Prison Journal: Day 506

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today I am working from home. Since I achieved my running goal yesterday, I spent the morning with Carole. She scheduled herself to work overtime at her hospital today and tomorrow. We woke at 4:00 am, but rather than lacing up my sneakers and heading out the door, or getting in front of the computer to work, I visited with Carole as she got ready to leave.

I’m really impressed with Carole’s commitment to contribute to the savings goals that we set. We’ve come a long way together and we’re determined to make exceptional progress as a team in 2015. Today I’ll write specific goals that I am going to achieve in 2015. One will include building PrisonProfessor.com, the new business I’m launching.

Carole graduates with her master’s in clinical nursing this coming May. That accomplishment will free up a lot of time for her and we’re both very excited about the extra time that we’ll have together. Instead of studying, she’ll be able to enjoy her days off from the hospital as she sees fit.

All in all, I’m extremely grateful for the many opportunities that have opened for us since she picked me up outside of the federal prison in Atwater. We now own a home in the Bay area and we have a wonderful family as our tenants. We’ve built a strong savings account by living beneath our means. When I left prison I had a 0-0-0 credit score, but we’ve built it up to 725 since then. Together with our savings and our tax returns, we are confident that we’ll qualify for another mortgage that will allow us to purchase at least one more investment property in 2015.

Carole and I have been blessed with many income opportunities that will allow us to accelerate our progress toward stability in 2015. I’m grateful that we’re both in good health and that our loved ones are in good health as well. Carole and I are thankful for so many reasons. We’re looking forward to this New Year because we finally feel as though we’ll be able to make measurable traction toward preparing for our golden years together. One year from now, we anticipate a more relaxing life together.


Days since my release from prison: 506

Miles that I ran today: 0

Miles that I ran so far this week: 32.2

Miles that I’ve run during the month of December: 179.58

Miles that I ran so far in 2014: 2,410.57

Miles that I need to run in order to reach my annual goal of 2,400 miles: GOAL ACHIEVED

Miles I’m ahead of schedule to reach my 2,400-mile goal by the end of 2014: ACHIEVED

My weight for today: 168