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I’m Michael Santos,

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If you want:

  • To build more prosperity
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Then I can help.

What to Expect:

If you’ve entered your email address above, here is what you can expect:

You’ll receive a free, digital copy of the following book:

  • Prison to Paradise: How I Built Assets Worth $5 Million Within Five Years of My Release from Prison—And How You Can Succeed, Too!

In that book, you learn more about the strategies and tactics I used to build prosperity.

Through this website, you can learn as much as you’d like about my background. You’ll find that I’m 100% transparent and I strive to teach others how to become more successful.


Strategies and Tactics

If strategies and tactics could help me build prosperity after 26 years of imprisonment, they can help you, too.

The short story is that:

  • I used leverage to acquire real estate in California.
  • As the real estate increased in value, I built prosperity.
  • When the markets changed in California, I had to change tactics to continue building prosperity.
  • I started looking for alternative investment opportunities.
  • I used a combination of unconventional financing, conventional financing, and partnerships to create new investments.

I now teach others how to create opportunities. I also show the investments that I’m making for others to assess. If those types of alternative investments make sense for them, we can begin discussions to see if we can work together.


Automated Emails to Teach and Build Relationships:

Since you’ve joined my community, I want to teach you everything that I’m doing to build prosperity. Please expect to receive regular, automated emails from me.

  • I will not try to sell you anything.

I’m striving to teach those in my community the strategies and tactics that I’m using to build wealth and create prosperity. You’ll never have to talk with me unless YOU want to talk.


Free Learning Resources:

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I publish new content every day and I hope that you’ll stick with my community.

You’ll find that I never ask anyone to do anything that I’m not doing. I’ll work hard and consistently to prove worthy of your trust.

Michael Santos



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