I own home sites in the beautiful, oceanfront, master-planned community of Belize known as The Reserve. If you haven’t seen videos or photographs of this community before, you can find many videos through my YouTube Channel:

  • Michael Santos YouTube Channel (As an aside, I have several YouTube channels to profile my other businesses, so make sure you check out the link I provide to access videos of The Reserve.)

Earlier, in a separate article, I wrote how I negotiated my acquisition of 27 home sites in Belize. If you read that article, you can learn more about why I can offer no-money-down financing terms for others who want to invest.

The short answer is that I invested $1.4 million with the developer of The Reserve, an oceanfront community in Belize. Over the next 20 years, the developer and I anticipate that the $1.4 million I invested will generate more than $7 million in total investment proceeds. Since we expect the developer to distribute those investment proceeds over time, the developer agreed to let me tap into my equity to make another acquisition. I used my equity to acquire the 27 home sites in Belize and the terms of my acquisition allow me to assign those lots to others.

Since my equity with the developer guarantees payment, I am able to sell the home sites at terms that I choose. I am now selling those home sites for no-money down, with a purchase price of $135,000.

Over time, as the developer invests more money to develop the Laguna Palms subdivision at The Reserve (where I acquired my property) I will raise the selling price. For now, I am selling the lots with awesome financing terms as follows:

  • Purchase price: $135,000
  • Down payment: No-down payment
  • Interest rate: 3%
  • Monthly payment: Approximately $600 per month, or higher depending on the length of term financed