I offer amazing financing terms at The Reserve. If you want the details, the following article will help. In an earlier article, I wrote about how I negotiated my investment in Belize. If you want to learn more about that acquisition, click the following link:

The short answer to questions about financing terms is that my investment in Belize results from a $1.4 million equity investment I made with the developer in another project. I leveraged that investment to acquire 27 home sites at The Reserve, an oceanfront community in the Stann Creek district of Southern Belize.

I am selling 25 of those home sites for the following terms:

  • Approximate size of each lot: .4 acres in the Laguna Palms Subdivision of The Reserve
  • The lots I Purchased: Numbers 560 through 584
  • Selling Price: $135,000 for each lot
  • Down Payment required: No-Money Down
  •  Interest Rate: 3%
  •  Term of Loan: Up to 35 years
  •  Approximate monthly payment: $575 and up, depending on term of loan requested

I’m offering my top-seven reasons why investing in a no-money down lot at The Reserve makes good financial sense:

  1. Americans protect themselves by diversifying their portfolio of assets, with some assets being held outside of the United States.
  2. Investors can purchase the home sites without having to tie up capital for a down payment.
  3. Investors are purchasing the home sites at pre-construction prices-meaning they’re acquiring the asset at a discounted price to what the developer will sell the lot later, after completion of the subdivision.
  4. By 2023, the developer will invest more than $15 million to build a man-made lake, a new beach club, and more infrastructure to service 500+ home sites in the Laguna Palms subdivision-which will boost the value of all home sites.
  5. By 2023, I anticipate that other buyers will build at least 50 homes in the Laguna Palms subdivision, bringing an additional $10 million+ in capital improvements to Laguna Palms, boosting the value of the home sites further.
  6. The developer projects that fair-market value for home sites in Laguna Palms will be more than $250,000 each after installation of the new beach club and lagoon.
  7. By 2023, owners of home sites in other subdivisions at The Reserve will cumulatively invest more than $40 million as they build more than 200 homes-boosting the value of all property at The Reserve.

Investors who want to own appreciating assets, in appreciating markets, should look at Laguna Palms at The Reserve and see if it makes sense for them to acquire one or more of these assets at the amazing terms I list above.