Amortization Tool

Money is a tool. You can use debt responsibly to build prosperity. Various sections of this website show how I’ve used leverage to acquire assets that appreciate in value over time. The strategy of using debt helped me to build a net worth of more than $1 million within five years of completing 26 years in prison.

To understand the cost of money, I always consult an amortization table. You can use the amortization table below to calculate payments on capital.

When I built the tool, I pre-populated the length of the loan with 35 years. It suited an investment opportunity that I was creating—but is no longer available.

If you want to change the payment amount, simply adjust the length of time that you would like to finance the capital. The loan-payment calculator can be a useful tool to help with your future investment decisions.

To learn more about how you can deploy capital in ways that work for you, contact me today.

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