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The digital products I create inspire and educate people at scale. As the text below indicates, many law-enforcement agencies use products I create to help people develop strong critical thinking skills. People who live in struggle respond well to a message when they receive that message from someone who has overcome.

As a result of the 26-years that i served in prison, and the career that I build upon my release, participants start to believe that they can grow, too.

Please visit my testimonial page. By reading through those testimonials, you will see how I add value when it comes to programs for building a success mindset.

If you’re an individual, I encourage you to look through an abundance of free material that I create.

Every day I create new content that I publish on numerous platforms, including: YouTube, Podcasts, Facebook, and on this website.

If you download my free book, Prison to Paradise: How I Built Assets Worth More than $5 Million within Five years, you’ll learn strategies that you can begin applying today.

For those who want more personal, one-on-one mentoring, consider enrolling in my personal mentoring program.

Contact me to learn more about this $2,500 program: Michael@MichaelSantos.com

I create digital products to teach and inspire people. For samples, please check out my video and audio files for free on YouTube or through my podcast link. For those who require the products on DVD or thumb drives, or who require accompanying coursework, I offer pricing as shown below.

Although my content will teach and inspire anyone who wants to reach a higher potential, it has been particularly effective for to teach and inspire people who are striving to prepare for success, despite backgrounds of struggle. Clients that have found value in using this coursework as training material include employers of entry-level workers.

Prison and school leaders from across the United States get better outcomes from the digital courses I create. These courses result contribute to community safety.

Since I served 26 years in federal prison and came out successfully—with many opportunities to succeed—people from at-risk populations respond well to the coursework I create.

Coursework I create builds hope. It shows how today’s decisions lead to new opportunities for growth. All of the coursework that I create builds:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Personal awareness
  • Mindfulness

I show people how to connect the dots between the decisions they’re making today and their prospects for success in the months, years, and decades ahead.

Connect with me so I can show you how my products and services can bring more safety to your organization and community.

More than 100,000 people in jails, prisons, schools, and small business use the digital courses I create to improve outcomes. Custom courses available, too.

Connect with me so that I can send evidence to show why providing access to the digital products results in higher levels of engagement, and lower levels of disruptive behavior. Further, participants in the courses I create are more likely to pursue other educational, vocational, and self-help programs.

Some of the clients that use the digital courses I create include:

  • The Department of Justice (U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco)
  • The United States Federal Courts (U.S. Federal District Court Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood)
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons, USP Atwater (Reentry Coordinator William Van Horn)
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons, FCC Florence, ADX (Complex Warden Andre Matevousian)
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons, FCI Victorville (Reentry Coordinator)
  • The United States Federal Probation Department (Chief Probation Officer Kim Walmsley)
  • The California Department of Corrections (Dr. Brant Choate)
  • The New York City Department of Corrections (Frances Taormina)
  • The Washington State Department of Corrections (Someone)
  • The Orange County Department of Education (Kirk Anderson)


Contact me today if you’d like to receive a free DVD sample that includes audio and video files I create to teach and inspire people.

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