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011 Sex on The Moon Leads to 100 Months in Prison for Thad Roberts

Thad Roberts: Astrophysicist from Sex on the Moon, discusses 100 months in prison

Thad Roberts, well known for stealing moon rocks when he worked at NASA in misguided effort to prove his love to a woman, served a 100-month prison term. He describes his journey with the Earning Freedom nation, showing that he is so much more than the book and movie reveal.

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010 Jonathan Shokrian: Founder of MeUndies

Jonathan Shokrian, Founder of Me Undies

Jonathan Shokrian is the founder of the iconic brand Me Undies. He is a visionary entrepreneur and leader that builds cutting-edge brands that not only disrupt the way that business is done, but also brings enormous value to customers and extraordinary wealth for investors. Learn from him and enrich your life. He is a role model for anyone who chooses to live life to the fullest, earning freedom every day!

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007 Rev Jeff Grant, Former NY Lawyer Discusses his Ministry for White Collar Offenders

In episode two Reverend Jeff Grant’s story, he discusses his ministry of providing spiritual guidance and counseling for people who’ve been charged or convicted of crimes. His ministry specializes in working with white collar offenders, helping those who’ve lost enormous amounts recalibrate their lives so that they can resume lives of meaning and distinction. Readers […]

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004 Success From Prison–Opening Opportunities

Justin Paperny served a year in prison for violating securities laws. While inside, he learned lessons that would allow him to reboot his life. In this episode of the Earning Freedom podcast, Justin talks about deliberate steps he takes to improve outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system. Through a nonprofit organization that he leads, […]

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002 Strategy to Empower You

Learn strategies that will empower you to overcome current circumstances and achieve higher potential. This strategy allowed me to sustain a high level of energy and discipline while I climbed through a 45-year prison term. It led to a life of fulfillment, happiness, and prosperity. This strategy for living can help you enhance freedom in your life and career.

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