Facing a criminal charge? I can help.

I teach others how to prepare for success. Strategies that empowered me through more than a quarter century in prison can help you. As your prison consultant I craft strategies for you:

  • To serve lowest prison sentence.
  • To provide best prison experience.
  • To get you home at soonest possible time..
  • To emerge successfully, with your dignity intact.

If mastermind strategies brought me success after decades in prison, just think what they can do for you! Scroll below to learn from free daily podcasts!


112 Escaped Convict Calls Prison Consultant

Escaped Convict calls Prison Consultant A young man who identified himself as Rampage called my office. He identified himself as an escaped convict from a state prison. Rampage told me that he had been on the run for 13 days. Rampage had read Earning Freedom while he was incarcerated, he said. The book inspired him. He called […]

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111 Message to Listeners

Prison Consultant Offers Message to Listeners As a consequence of demands from my work in prison consulting, along with my full-time job, I’m having to put more space between the Earning Freedom podcast episodes. We now have more than 110 episodes online, making an abundance of content available for individuals who want to learn about crucial […]

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110 Disciplinary Infractions

Prison Consultant: Discussing Disciplinary Infractions in Federal Prison Anyone exposed to time in prison should learn about how the disciplinary process works. In today’s Earning Freedom podcast, I spoke with Agustina. She is a Fulbright Scholar from Argentina who is studying at UC Berkeley. Agustina is particularly interested in the disciplinary system that exists in America’s prison system. […]

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